NaGaProMo Update - Post Mortem

I failed at NaGaProMo.  I ended up delaying NaGaProMo for two reasons.

The primary issue is that I wasn't ready to dive into graphics programming.  I had dabbled in this with XNA in the past and was expecting a similar experience when using DirectX or OpenGL directly.  This ended up not being the case.  So before I reattempt NaGaProMo, I will be familiarizing myself with OpenGL.

I had also been hoping to get two fellow programmers involved with writing their own games for NaGaProMo.  Unfortunately, waiting until November 3rd was probably not the best way to try to convince someone to write a game within the time frame of November.

I'm not giving up on the idea of NaGaProMo.  I will attempt this again in a few months, but until then, I need to catch up on some other projects I've let lapse.

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